Boston Molasses Flood anniversary

Today is the 97th anniversary of the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, which I write about in my book, “Dark Tide.” If you haven’t read the book, I hope you have the opportunity to do so to learn more about this important event. But mainly, today’s post is simply to say thanks to the many people who have supported “Dark Tide” over the last dozen years. I’m grateful to the 23 communities that have selected the book as their community-wide read; the more than 50 book clubs that have chosen it; the teachers who have woven it into high school and college curricula; the students who have written book reports and done class projects; the many organizations that have invited me to speak on “Dark Tide” and the molasses flood; and, of course, the thousands of readers who have attended presentations, written emails and letters, and supported the book in ways too numerous to list. I thank you for your thoughts, opinions, support, and interest. “Dark Tide” was my first book and its success is due to your enthusiastic support.