D-Day’s engineering marvels

Today, I’m continuing with my “70th anniversary of 1944” posts, as we are approaching the anniversary of D-Day: June 6, 1944. One often overlooked part of D-Day are the critical engineering achievements that made the invasion a success. These range from the landing craft — the Higgins boats that delivered troops and vehicles to the beaches of Normandy; the gliders — flimsy, unpowered, and dangerous for those who piloted them, but they also helped troops seize key roads and bridges; and perhaps most remarkably of all, the “harbors” — large portable ports that were constructed in secret, towed to Normandy, and assembled, allowing the Allies to land tons of machinery and equipment on the coast of France. One other note: Today (May 12) is the 70th anniversary of heavy Allied bombing on German oil supplies in anticipation of the D-Day invasion — now just three weeks away.