Gearing up for a busy speaking season

Greetings! I hope you had a wonderful summer, filled with good times and good reading. I last wrote to you in late June, so this message will be relatively short and will include a few key items I wanted to share with you.

First, thanks so much for your support of my latest book, American Treasures. Because of you, I’m happy to say that the book is now out in paperback (Picador publishing, a paperback imprint of Macmillan Publishing, which handles many St. Martin Press hardcovers)! The slightly revamped cover contains an excerpt from the Parade magazine review, which reads: “A captivating (and absolutely true) historical account of the priceless documents that have shaped America as a nation.” The full Parade review is on the back cover. The paperback is available at Amazon and many other book-buying locations.

I am also excited about the revised cover for the new edition of Dark Tide that will be released by Beacon Press in early January of 1919 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Great Boston Molasses flood. Publication is more than a year away, but already work is under way — in addition to the updated cover, I’m writing a new Afterword for the anniversary edition that I hope you will enjoy. Again, Beacon’s decision to bring out a new edition was based on your tremendous support for Dark Tide since it was first published in 2003 (paperback in 2004) — my deep and profound thanks to the readers who have purchased it, the book clubs that have chosen it, the Boston-area communities that have selected it as their “community-wide reads,” the school systems that have made it part of their curricula, the colleges that have woven it into their courses, the librarians who have ordered it, the organizations that have asked me to speak, and the hundreds of people who have written to me and recommended the book to others. This anniversary edition is for you!

With fall under way, so is the speaking season for me. I hope you can join me at the ones that are public. As always, if you would like to schedule an appearance, please email me at And to those who have already booked events, I thank you so much for honoring me by asking me to address your group.

September 17 is the 230th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution, which I describe in detail in American Treasures. I am continuing my regular Facebook posts on this topic that you can read at My plan is to continue beyond the adoption anniversary and do additional posts during the anniversary of the ratification process — which took place between the fall of 1787 and June of 1788. To reiterate for those of you who are not “on Facebook” — you can still enjoy the posts just by visiting the page, though you will not be able to “like” or otherwise comment on them.

Finally, as I say to you each time I write, I have much to be thankful for in my life and count my many blessings each day. Your loyalty, support, and encouragement are among them. Until next time, I offer my deepest thanks to you.