Award-winning Stephen Puleo is the author of Voyage of Mercy,
American Treasures, The Caning, A City So Grand, The Boston Italians,
Due to Enemy Action, and Dark Tide.


    • December 9
    • Winter Book Fair at the Paul Revere House
    • The Paul Revere House Visitor Center
      19 North Square
      Boston, MA
      1:00-3:00 p.m.
    • December 14
    • Voyage of Mercy
    • Commonwealth of MA
      Operational Services Division
      All-Staff Event
      Sargent's Hall, Suffolk University
      (This is a private event.)
    • March 14
    • The Caning
    • Abington (MA) Public Library
      600 Gliniewicz Way
      7:00 p.m.
      (The Caning was selected as "Abington Reads" choice for 2024)
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Wall Street Journal Review of Voyage of Mercy
By Terry Golway

Americans have grown accustomed to seeing their fellow citizens providing food, medicine, and logistical assistance at disaster sites around the globe. It’s not by any means an exceptionally American tradition, but a tradition it surely is. According to Stephen Puleo, the nation’s impulse to aid the afflicted beyond its borders can be traced to the journey of a warship bound from Boston to Ireland at the height of the island’s potato famine. Its mission was not conquest but relief, for in its hold were 8,000 barrels of food donated by the young republic 3,000 miles away from Ireland’s misery.

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<i>Voyage of Mercy</i>

Voyage of Mercy

Steve Puleo's seventh book, Voyage of Mercy, is the story of the Irish famine and the remarkable story of America's first humanitarian mission.

“A tribute to the better angels of America’s nature…well-researched and splendidly written.”
The Wall Street Journal

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How High School
Students Inspire Me!

Each time I visit a high school, I leave encouraged and filled with gratitude. I find the students to be engaged and enthusiastic – some of the best questions I receive come from high school students. The kids are eager to learn and enjoy taking part in discussions. And most often they do so with a great attitude and sense of humor. Visit my Schools page to learn more about my feeling on this topic and my numerous school visits!

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I love my publisher’s description
of The Great Abolitionist

I’m getting excited about my upcoming (8th) book: The Great Abolitionist: Charles Sumner and the Fight for a More Perfect Union. I thought I’d share this description with you (in PDF form) taken from the web page of MacMillan Publishers (the parent company of St. Martin’s Press). I’m thrilled to see MacMillan describe the book as “The groundbreaking biography of a forgotten civil rights hero.” I hope you enjoy the full write-up! Click the link to learn more about The Great Abolitionist.

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