Award-winning Stephen Puleo is the author of The Caning,
A City So Grand, The Boston Italians, Due to Enemy Action, and Dark Tide.


    • January 19
    • Dark Tide
    • Perkins School for the Blind
      Library Without Walls
      Telephone conference
      (This is a private event.)
    • January 20
    • Dark Tide
    • Amherst NH Town Library
      14 Main Street
      Amherst NH
      7:00 p.m.
    • February 12
    • Dark Tide
    • Millis Public Library
      Roche Brothers Community Room
      961 Main Street
      Millis MA
      7:00 p.m.
      In conjunction with "Millis Reads Dark Tide"
  • See complete event calendar

Critical Acclaim

"Readers will not only find The Caning a compelling read, but they may be surprised to find multiple parallels to today's political climate." — The Fredricksburg Star
About the book

“[The Caning] is the best book I have read in years, packed with fascinating details of the kind that seldom make it into lesser works. … Don’t miss this one. There’s no telling whom you might find in it.” — National Review
About The Caning

<i>The Caning</i>

The Caning

The Caning depicts a turning point in American history: the beating of U.S. Senator Charles Sumner and the beginning of the war over slavery.

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